Fearlessly getting your services out there and making sales

In this article I will share the nuances of social anxiety, how it affects business and how to overcome it.

There are statistics that say as many as every third person can experience a vicious cycle of anticipation throughs and overthinking that is eating up so much energy, sidetracks our efforts, and deceives us into questioning ourselves and our work for periods of longer than 6 months.

It causes stagnation of business, lack of clients, lack of partnerships and constantly feeling down and frustrated that things are the way they are.

All of it is a sign of social anxiety, a condition which throws us on our backs and causes a dysfunction in doing what is needed for our business to prosper.

It can result in weeks, months and sometimes years of busy work on our projects without clients ever seeing them.

It can be really painful reflecting on the past years of hard work to realize that you have done so much, but in the end no results to show for all your efforts.

But what we truly desire is feeling of satisfaction that our efforts are paying off.

I know what It’s like, I’ve been in that place for around 8 years.

Ever since I went to business school, I wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Over the years I’ve planned out dozens of businesses all of which ended up on the shelf or somewhere in the cloud. I’ve took part in planning multiple projects, majority of which ended in failure due to the fact that all of the team members had their own extremes of social anxiety, which lead to the business not getting in front of potential clients enough and in the right ways.

Let me share what supported me in taking the needed steps to end up sharing this with you. (3 years in the making)

You probably already know what you need to do to get results, but let’s tick the boxes.

There are two ways to focus on business:

  • You as the expert. Where you are in the solopreneur game or a business with a supporting team behind you.
  • You as a problem solver through the business you build. Where you are the owner, not the expert.

In my project I am especially focusing on experts, just due to the nature of expert businesses and my potential to support them.

Focusing on you as the expert, the following is needed to get the most out of your potential and get results:

  • Developing deep self-awareness
  • Aligning your self-awareness with Clarity of future desires
  • Formulating strategy that will get you to the future desires
  • Building support systems to increase success chances of getting there

To cover these things, it can take from 3 to 9 months of dedicated work, in some cases longer. And by dedicated, I mean it all, setting priorities, scheduling, homework, participation and action taking.

There are no short cuts to satisfaction with what you do and making money at the same time. Yet, there is an effective process to start with.

Tackling social anxiety can be started with a highly effective, science backed three-step process:

  1. Well-formed outcome with milestones
    • Eliminating things that can sidetrack your venture, ensuring support systems are in place to succeed and creating a clear strategy roadmap towards your goal.
  2. Understanding and rewiring automatic thoughts
    • On the way to each milestone, it’s a guarantee you will have automatic thought patterns, which will be connected to the action steps that need to be taken. These automatic thought patterns can sabotage your journey and the goal is to understand them and reframe them in a way that will support your journey.
  3. Taking action with the help of a supporting environment
    • When you have that well-formed outcome, your milestones, a clear understanding of what you will be doing, it is great to have a supporting environment that will always be on your side every step of the way.
    • The first two things it is possible to do alone, but without a supporting environment the journey is not only lonely but it’s the same thing we’ve been doing for years, and it is being stuck in our heads while building our business.
    • Supporting environment is crucial to calm overthinking, overcome fear of rejection and criticism, unpack your potential, and make the sales you deserve.

That is the foundation of my group program that I’ve put together with a cognitive behavioral psychotherapist that helps to overcome the anxiety and avoidance behaviors connected to getting your business out there and sales.

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