Alen Leit

Personal Development Coach |
Business Development Consultant

Enneagram Master

I help my clients understand their unconscious mind, discover new ways to overcome challenges and plan action for desired results.


Group coaching program
"Year in 12 weeks"

  • Personal board of directors
  • Business and Personal development focus
  • Weekly accountability and masterminding

Unpacking personality

  • Discover your strengths and potential
  • How you influence people and how they influence you
  • Uncover what makes you unique and how to be truly aligned with your energy
  • Understand your unconscious motivation and drivers
Unpacking personality

Relationship coaching program
"The Real You and Me"

  • Discover how you impact your partner and how they impact you
  • Learn to empower each other’s strengths and support weaknesses
  • Open a new level of intimacy and vulnerability with each other
  • Understand how to take each other into account
  • Develop new communication strategies to be heard and understood


Enhance your impact on the world - Strategic Workshop

  • Crystallize three business development goals for the upcoming 12 weeks
  • Use this opportunity to Mastermind and Brainstorm your milestones and challenges
  • Get ideas and inspiration
  • Network with community members

What People Say

about working with me

Working with Alen was a phenomenal experience, I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to gain a new depth of self-awareness and who wants to utilize the truth of who you are to support you in all aspects of life - business, relationships, and personal.

I worked with Alen for my Personality Profile in relation to business, but the information I received has supported me in countless ways. Alen went above and beyond in his work with me and made sure that I understood everything I was taking in. He explains things in a way that makes it easy to understand and offers tactical solutions so you can apply to what you learn about yourself and your unique gifts and potentials to your business.

Alen is highly knowledgeable and it is clear he has a deep understanding of the systems he brings, you’re not getting surface level stuff with him, be prepared to go on a deep and highly enlightening journey.

I’ve worked with countless coaches and teachers and Alen has by far been one of the best. I would recommend him to anyone who is ready to take their life and their business to the next level.

Dianne Hatke

At the beginning of 2020, I felt that there is a glass ceiling preventing my companies to grow and to get into the next level. And it was hard for me to tell what should we have done differently. I knew I needed a coach and was looking for it, when my friend told me about Alen.

Since then, Alen has helped us to map out the structure, analyze and and find out pain points within our organization. He has also been asking direct, sometimes uncomfortable questions which needed attention. By answering those questions and dealing with those pain points has worked almost as an acupuncture therapy that has helped us to grow and get into the next level.

We have a much clearer picture now about where are we heading. Working with Alen has helped me immensely both in personal and business growth.

Tiit Sild
Entrepreneur | Architect
Alen is excellent at viewing things from a different perspective. His support has been priceless for helping me fine-tuning many aspects of my business. He also provided valuable insight to help me achieve better communication and understanding with my business partners.
Andrea Bronzini

Referring to the analysis that you have done, I now base a lot of things in the vector of my development. There was a clear thought about my main purpose, it gave me such resonance in my thoughts, in the vector of understanding, it's just incredible.

Everything in the analysis is clear and reflects what I see in myself. It made me understand that not only I look at things in a certain way.

Alen presents tools through which every leader should get to know himself and then his leaders.

Viktor Solovjov
Entrepreneur | Business & strategic marketing accelerator founder

Working with Alen gave me much more than I expected. As a result of the personality unpacking, I received a large amount of knowledge about myself that I had not thought about before.

In a couple of months I was able to restructure the work of the company. I reconsidered my views on doing business, on my relationships with employees, on the distribution of responsibilities. My business has turned from being prepared for closure into developing again and we now have far-reaching plans.

By the way insights about myself gave me enough energy to actively develop another direction, now I can safely say that I have another business) In addition, we touched on very difficult for me topics of relationships with loved ones, with my family, as a result, I was able to be more open, I began to receive support and recognition, which I previously could not count on at all, this is very inspiring.

For me, creation of my personality leverage profile has become a kind of new platform from which I was able to push off and grow much faster. I am very grateful for your hard work and patience that you have put into our work.

Elena G.
Career-wise and personal growth-wise, you were one of the 5 people that significantly added to my non-academic career growth. You are extremely knowledgeable, patient and kind with your time. You are an exceptional coach.
FengKong Lefifi
Black Girl PHD Coach | Tracking Chinese law and African investments
I absolutely loved my sessions with Alen. He always pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of. Every time with him gave me clarity on the next step to take and that's exactly what I needed. I gain great new insights and incredible business strategies and tools that are very valuable. I highly recommend him.
Nwaego Muoma
Business woman | African fashion expert | Empowerment coach
I have been to Alen’s masterminds 3 times with a month break. Each time it was like a level up. These were steps on the way to myself. Now I clearly know what I want to do and what I want from this life 🙂 Now I am on my step-by-step journey)
Ksenya O.
starting Entrepreneur
For me you differ from other personality typing specialists, in a way that you love what you do, you believe in it and are able to provide personalized interpretation of the material you work with, this is a rear quality to find.
Igor Dubinnikov
Skolkovo coach | Investor in people

Why I do what I do

After spending around 23 years building my life around what others believed to be true for me, I was lucky enough to realize that a “real” life is built upon inner truth and so I set on a journey to reconnect with myself, my potential, my strengths and how that can serve the world around me.

There were several special moments on that journey I would like to share with you.

First was the discovery of The Enneagram system – the key to understanding our unique developed personality – which opened up the opportunity to do a lot of inner work around how and why I saw the world the way I see it, why I experience the emotions I experience, why I react and the patterns of my behavior that I wasn’t able to see in myself by myself.

Just that knowledge already provided so much clarity, understanding and validation.

When I for the first time ever was able to read about myself such things that I wasn’t even able to articulate about myself, things I just couldn’t describe. The sensation got me to say holy **** this is me. That is truly a profound sense that any individual deserves to experience.

That experience, for me, was the trigger I said to myself that I want everyone to know about this. I want everyone to experience the sensation of finally being seen, to be heard and be validated for how you truly are, for what you value, for what you experience and for what you are craving for the most in life.

So, I started to study personality psychology, how the mind works and what other systems of understanding ourselves are out there.

Among many were the likes of Myers-Briggs (16 personalities or 8 cognitive functions), Big5, DISC, Four tendencies, Spiral Dynamics etc. but none of them were as profound as The Enneagram.

Then by coincidence I came across the second special moment.

I was introduced to the concept of Human Design. At first, I totally discarded it. I was like Pfff astrology? No thank you, I trust science and psychology.

Yet, after several months I felt an inner response to give it another try, I felt that there is something potentially important there that I don’t want to miss. I cannot state nor measure how right I was about that hunch.

That was the second experience in my life where I was like, how the **** is what I know about myself already stated here just based on when and where I was born. I have no words to describe the experience of finally getting the validation I am not broken, I am not wrong for being the way I am and me being different is me having different potential, strengths and talents compared to people that I tried to compare myself with as well as to people that judge, criticize and in their manner or form try to push their way on to me. (I believe every one of us experienced that at least with our parents)

No need to say such experience straight away resonated with my desire for others to experience the same.

These two special moments and what I discovered about myself in them lead me to develop my skills to support people around me.

I became a coach, theta healer, enneagram master, cognitive behavioral therapy practitioner and an expert in helping people unpack their personality and potential.

As a natural outcome these skills merged with my education and experience in business administration and marketing.

Together they allow me to help my clients uncover their authentic self, structure their life experiences and discover how to start build an aligned life, not from the mind but by trusting the inner self.

Which includes self-realization in their trade or business as well as empowering them to take the relationship with their partner to the next level of intimacy, mutual understanding and consideration, to uplift each other’s strengths and support weaknesses.

That’s in short my story and what I am here for, let’s discover together the real YOU.

About me​

  • Certified Next Level Coach, Virtual Coach program by Eben Pagan
  • Certified Enneagram Master practitioner / Personality typing expert
  • International Business Administration (BBA), Marketing Specialization
  • Certified SMM Specialist / In online marketing since 2015
  • Worked as an online marketing consultant for a company with a turnover of over 25 million euro per year
  • Facilitating and participating in Masterminds since 2018
  • Consulting Entrepreneurs since 2016


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